Machine embroidery projects of S-Embroidery customers

We are happy to be able to present the machine embroidery projects of customers.

All embroidery projects featured on this page were created using S-Embroidery machine embroidery designs. All our customers are welcome to display their work here. If you like to show your creations to the world, please contact us and send us by E-mail pictures and any applicable information about your project.

Daffodil free standing lace doily

Daffodil free standing lace doily machine embroidery project

Created by: Lorraine Morrow, Australia

Design used: SKU 10604 Daffodil free standing lace doily


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Nativity Christmas greeting card

Christmas greeting card with Nativity Battenberg lace embroidery

Created by: Suzette Guillen, United States

Design used: SKU 10448 Nativity Battenburg lace Christmas ornament


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Freestanding lace Christmas light shades

Freestanding lace Christmas candle shades

Created by: Nancy Znamierowski, United Stated

Design used: SKU 10300 Christmas Light Shade FSL Set


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T-shirts with butterfly cutwork lace embroidery

T-shirt with butterfly cutwork lace

Created by: Nancy Znamierowski, United Stated

Design used: SKU 10547 Butterfly Cutwork lace embroidery No10


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Santa Claus Christmas window decoration

Santa Claus Christmas window decoration

Created by: Jennette van Dyk, South Africa

Design used: SKU 10563 Santa Claus Christmas window decoration








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Freestanding lace table runner embroidery project

Freestanding lace table runner

Created by: Anne Shelbaer, USA

Design used: SKU 10415 Freestanding Lace Table Runner Embroidery #3



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Freestanding lace and cutwork machine embroidery

Freestanding lace embroidery doily

Created by: Josiane Roux, France

Design used: Several freestanding and cutwork lace embroidery designs




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Freestanding lace ring bearer's pillow

Ring bearer's pillow with freestanding lace heart

Created by: Gwen Radford, USA

Design used: SKU 10519 Freestanding Lace heart embroidery





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Freestanding lace lamp shade

Freestanding lace lamp shadeCreated by: Miani Fiametta, Italy

Design used: SKU 10416 Rose Freestanding Lace Border





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Rose freestanding lace bowl and doily

Rose freestanding lace bowl and doilyCreated by Birgit Deichgraeber, Germany

Designs used: SKU 10303 Rose Freestanding Lace Bowl and Doily Set






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Pansy Freestanding Lace Doily

Pansy freestanding lace doily

Created by: Jocelyne Franjus, France

Designs used: SKU 10463 Pansy Freestanding Lace Doily




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Freestanding lace chair back covers and doily

Freestanding lace doilyCreated by: Janet Milburn, Great Britain

Designs used: SKU 10329 Floral Freestanding Lace Table Runner Set



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Easter bunny freestanding lace project

Easter Bunny freestanding lace projectCreated by: Sew Unique, USA

Designs used: SKU 10403 Easter Bunny Freestanding Lace Set




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Angel Battenberg Lace Christmas Ornaments

3D Christmas angel lace ornamentsCreated by: GailAnn, USA

Designs used: SKU 10449 Christmas Angel Battenberg Lace Ornament




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FS Lace Christmas Window Decoration

Freestanding lace angel embroidery design

Created by: Sue Heath, USA

Designs used: SKU 10450 Freestanding Lace Angel Christmas Window Decoration



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Butterfly Freestanding Lace Doily

Butterfly freestanding lace doilyCreated by: Reen Wilcoxson, USA

Designs used: SKU 10431 Freestanding Lace Butterfly Doily Design





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Freestanding lace doily

Freestanding lace doilyCreated by: Marlies Meyer, Germany

Designs used: SKU 10339 Freestanding Table Lace Set




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Floral Freestanding Lace Table Runner

Freestanding lace table runnerCreated by: Filena Beddingfield, USA

Designs used: SKU 10329 Floral Freestanding Lace Table Runner Set




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Easter kitchen table top

Easter chicks decorated table topperCreated by: Viveka Berg, Sweden

Designs used: SKU 10412 Easter Chicks Embroidery Set




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