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Machine embroidery tutorials

On this page you can find our machine embroidery tutorials. Here we have presented detailed step-by-step instructions on how to achieve best results and get beautiful embroidery by stitching out our machine embroidery designs.

Freestanding lace table runner tutorial

Freestanding lace table runner - detailed imageThis is our machine embroidery tutorial, showing how to stitch out and assemble the SKU 10335 Freestanding Lace Table Runner Set #4.

This set of 7 freestanding lace machine embroidery designs can be used in different combinations with suitable fabric and will let you create table runners, table cloth and freestanding lace + fabric doily with a size of your choice.



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Freestanding Lace Ellipse Table Runner Instructions

Ellipse freestanding lace table runner tutorialFollowing the great interest our visitors have shown for the way our SKU 10332 Freestanding Lace Table Runner Set is prepared, we have decided to publish the instructions for its preparation.

In general, they are almost the same as the other tutorials for designs of this type. There is however an interesting solution Stacy has come up with for correct placement and easy attaching of the freestanding lace edge.


The design featured in this tutorial is the SKU 10332 Freestanding Lace Table Runner Set.


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